How We’ll Create Your Website

monitorWe’ll design your website to look just like this one.  You can choose the colour, images, text and you can add video too.  The pages will be your choice as well.


The idea – Easy for you to manage and cost effective website for your business.

Your website is going to be built on the same technology as CNN, Forbes, MTV and many others on the internet.  It is based on the very successful Wordpress platform and it is going to be super friendly to use and change details as and when you want.



iphoneYour new website will work just like this one on any device like I-phone, Android, tablet to PC and Mac.

Your website will be responsive, it means it will reformat on any device so that your target audience misses nothing.


What’s most important is it won’t cost you £2,500… Just £250 plus hosting and domain name registration.  We’ll create a 4 page WordPress website for £250 (with additional pages at £50 per page or you can add them yourself).

You’ll need a domain name and hosting service, but don’t worry because we’ll set them up for you if you don’t already have them.  If you have one in mind, fine we’ll go along with you.  All you’ll need is a logo, some copy text about your business and images to illustrate your story or product.

lightbulbTo explain some of the jargon.  A domain name is the address of your website, for example our domain name is  They cost as little as 6.99 and can be dot com or dot co dot uk or even dot info.  We are happy to help you select the right name.  A hosting account is the place where your website files sit, we can organise a yearly hosting account for you from as little as £4.99 a month.


A suggested set up for your website could be – Home, About Us, Product Page, Contact and a free blog area.  However, we can include the relevant pages for your business.

seo-right_arrowSearch engine optimisation is all about getting your page up the rankings in search engines like Google.  When building your website we’ll use plug ins and web techniques to get you a good position and help people find your website easily.

Social Media is a key player in any business.  We’ll add your business social media feeds to your new website too. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn all connect perfectly with WordPress.  You can even add a blog to your site for free.  You’ll be able write about your business via  a blog post on a regular basis, continually updating your customer of what you do.

You can update your website when you like, that’s the beauty of WordPress.  If you can use a word processor you can update your website on WordPress.  We’ll provide you with some advice on when you need to update things, it’s easy to do, but we’d understand if you’d like to leave that with us for peace of mind and offer really good cost effective management plans.

clockFeel free to browse our example pages.  Colours, images and the position of the side bar can all be change.  The home page has a ‘call to action’ and is designed to give you immediate impact when people log on to your site.  The site is also designed to load up fast on any device people choose to browse your content.

check_markIt doesn’t take long to get you up and running, usually just a matter of days once we have the information we need to build your WordPress website.

Please browse the examples pages with images and layouts that could be used on your website.

If you have any questions or just want to go ahead please click here.